Commanding attention with powerful soulful vocals and virtuosic guitar work, Blake Bastion crafts music that is both cinematic and cathartic, fusing worldly influences with rousing folk rock. Echoing acclaimed tunesmith Jeff Buckley, the fast rising singer-songwriter from Brighton has developed his distinctive sound from performing in the streets and touring the UK, Europe and East Africa over the past two years. 








'Pure talent. Up there with Aloe Blacc in delivering an original song with all its intended feeling' 

The Kings Of Spins  (#1 on the weekly top 20)


His music is first and foremost a therapy. In our fast paced and ever changing world, where people are more connected by technology than ever before, yet at the same time becoming more isolated from real world interaction, Blake sought to break out from his solitary life living in studios producing electronic music, and hit the streets to create music inspired by people, living on the road, and real world events.  

At the same time going sober and giving up on addictions that he had fought with since a young age, and battling social anxiety by facing his greatest fears, he chose the name Bastion to represent the strength of character he needed to begin this journey of self-discovery and change.


  'Musical genius... a stunning debut' - This Sound Nation


'A melodic masterpiece with soulful vocals' - Record Niche  


'Our new singer-songwriter of the moment. Epic, uplifting and beautiful' - Music Mirror


'the songs become nothing short of cinematic, and have the power to sweep you up with them from start to finish' Brightons Finest


'a fine piece of work… really does make a great addition to any record collection' Afterdark 




The Truce EP represents the second step in this journey, with lyrical themes talking about overcoming internal conflict, depression, fear, and love,  it is a bold, honest and heartfelt piece of work.